Gorgeous end-grain cutting board made out of reclaimed Cherry and Oak. The sides have been rounded for comfort when handling. Will look great in any kitchen!

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**Please remember that these are a unique pieces of art. Therefore, there will be slight imperfections and each piece will be unique in it's own way due as each piece is hand cut

Cherry & Oak End-Grain Cutting Board

  • Wash boards after each use in warm, soapy water. If you have chunks of food stuck on the surface, use a knife or kitchen scraper to remove most of it before washing. Do not leave boards to soak! Do not wash wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher. They will absorb water, and this could trash your cutting board. Dry thoroughly before storing

    To remove odors, rub down with half a lemon or spritz with some vinegar. This will also help sanitize the board.
    Wood cutting boards should be regularly seasoned with a good quality cutting board oil. You can find them in most hardware stores. Mineral oil is typically used, since it does not go rancid. Do not use vegetable oil or olive oil. To season, start with a clean, dry cutting board. Coat entire surface with a layer of oil and rub it in. Let set to absorb in warm, dry area for 12 to 24 hours. Buff to remove any oil that may not have been absorbed. Repeat as needed any time your board starts looking dull.

    Keep your knives sharp. Dull knives mean that you have to press harder to cut, which will mark up your board.